Hygge Space is a home business based in Vancouver, BC. We create the highest quality of dried floral arrangements, non toxic luxury candles and custom gift boxes. We also sell a variety of Canadian made, beautiful items to add to your space, give as gifts and we even create for small weddings!


Hygge Space Co. was originally created by Bre and Stina, two moms who are also sisters in law. Both share a passion for hygge, as it is a practice that was taught to them by their grandparents and parents and they continue to share with their families and friends today. Now Hygge Space is run by just Bre as Stina is a full time elementary teacher and mother to three boys. Stina was sad to leave but always checks in and even helps me during busy seasons. We love to have some wine together, catch up and make candles or create beautiful arrangements still. I always enjoy it when she comes to visit.

We love all things hygge!

You might be wondering what Hygge is. Hygge is more than just a word, it's a feeling. The feeling of hygge encompases many things, including family and friends, togetherness and enjoying life's simple pleasures, like lighting a candle or treating yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It’s the simple things that help to create feelings of joy and happiness, calm and relaxation.

Our hope is that your recent purchase will help to ignite that cozy and joyous feeling inside you or the person you're gifting to.