Candle Exchange Program



Here at Hygge Space Co., we love our planet and are dedicated to finding new ways to reduce our waste and environmental foot print.

One of the ways we do this is through our exchange  program. You can return your used clear glass 10 oz jars to be re-purposed into new ones for the next candle lover to enjoy.  In exchange for your jar we will give you a new candle at $10 off! So instead of $38 you’ll pay $28! 

All you have to do is pick the candle you want and use the code EXCHANGE at check out. That will give you your discount! 

When returning your finished jar, just drop it off as-is in the “Drop Off” box and pick up your new candle which will be waiting for you.(You’ll receive a message)  If there’s a little bit of wax left that’s fine, we do all the work to get them ready to become new jar candles. You can also ship us your empty jars and we’ll ship new ones back   to you  

If returning is not an option, we encourage you to re purpose your glass yourself! Put it in the freezer to pop out the bottom, or place it in boiling water to melt out the remaining wax and wick. Wash it out with hot soapy water and use the glass for cocktails, a vase, a tooth brush holder, whatever you desire. 

Our “Drop Off” Box is located at 4468 Walden Street, one block east of 28th and Main in Vancouver 

You can also ship your jars to 

Hygge Space Co. 

4468 Walden Street 

V5V 3S3

Vancouver BC Canada 

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