What is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word that has no direct translation to English.

It is more than a word or a thing, it is a feeling.

The feeling of hygge encompasses many things including family, friends, being together, making connections, traditions, making small moments special, coziness, love togetherness, being present, connections with nature and each other.

Bre and Stina have both practiced hygge in their lives since they were born. Bre comes from Norwegian roots and Stina’s mom was born in Denmark.

Hygge is a practice that was taught to them by their grandparents and parents and they continue to share with their families and friends today. Bre and Stina believe that hygge is the perfect way to connect, be present and get cozy during these busy and sometimes crazy times. They hope to help others bring hygge into their homes and experience the feelings of warmth, peace and connectedness it brings.