Pampas Grass

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Our beautiful pampas instantly add a beautiful airy and whimsical feeling to any space! Whether it’s your own home for a party or a wedding you can’t go wrong!  

Priced per stem.

Each stem is approximately 30-35" tall. 


Our pampas last beautifully for several months to years! Each stem is one of kind and differ slightly from one another. As our pampas is a natural product there can be slight variations in colour tones and texture. The photo is  for reference only. 

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  • Care Instructions

    Carefully remove your pampas grass and place each stem under sunlight for 1 hour so they can expand & get more full. The longer they stay in the sun, the bigger and fluffier they will get. You can also take a hair dryer to them to fluff them up as well. 

    After you style your pampas, spray them with a light mist of either hairspray or floral sealant to help minimize shedding. To maintain your plumes, spray every 6 months