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About This Is Waiwai

design is born in the process of creation. the drive comes from the constant study of material while experimenting with ways and treatment. influenced by a combination of strong and linear structures found in architecture and urban environment and delicate textures and pattens of Mother nature. 

WAIWAI pieces are produced exclusively from the leather scraps that are collected from a local leather maker. we believe that there should be nothing wasted once the animal has been sacrificed for food. the leather scraps are upcycled and reinvented as soft and unique pieces. they are crafted with care and with the world and its inhabitants in mind. WAIWAI is a thoughtful jewelry.

the pieces are designed to be worn both, independently and can be combined with others. they are soft, light in weight, have a pleasant, organic and familiar feel

a minimalist yet casually elegant style channels appreciation for simplicity, natural textures and forms and timelessness 

Sasha, founder and designer. Started working with jewelry because of her love for tactile experiments. It pulled her for the opportunity to create dynamic and wearables items. She has been working with various synthetic and natural materials over the last decade. Her fascination with the surrounding West Coast landscapes has led her to explore leather and its natural tendencies as the material of her choice. She is moved by the intent that all the bits and pieces of this sacrificed material should be saved from the landfill. Influenced by the concept of timelessness Sasha aims for her pieces to be modern, and relevant indefinitely, but not affected by the passing trends.